This document is only intended to support ODROID SBC from Hardkernel, supported boards are limited as listed below.

Quick start

The document in this page provide instructions to install and manage Linux mainline kernel for the ODROID SBC (Single Board Computer) of Hardkernel which has been built to avoid the complication of using different kernel versions - Hardkernel's official Linux kernel vs unofficial mainline Linux kernel. The instructions and contents in this documents are limited to ODROID only and they would not work with other SBC (Single Board Computer).

:warning:Please use the official ODROID Wiki page if you are using Hardkernel's stock OS images, Ubuntu 18.04/20.04 server or Mate version.

The commands in the document are not compatible or equivalent to the contents in the ODROID Wiki since the OS images provided through this page offer the Linux upstream kernel; consequently its configuration and features are different.

Supported OS versions

Start OS installation